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Kendra Highley's Matt Archer: Blade's Edge: Blog Tour with Free & Discounted Books!!!

Can I just tell you how much I love Matt Archer?!?
I'm hopping up and down, making little squeals of delight, I love this series THAT much!!!
Back in late November I reviewed book 1, Matt Archer: Monster Hunter
and gave it FIVE STARS (check out that review here)!!

And NOW I get to share book 2, Matt Archer: Blade's Edge, with you!!!!!!
Yay!  Woo hoo!!! Yippee!!!

And before I even get started,
I'm going to give you some super sweet links
(thanks to the wonderful generosity of our author, Kendra C. Highley)
so you can get you some Matt!!!
Awesomesauce, right?!?

Book 1, Matt Archer: Monster Hunter 
can be downloaded free on Smashwords using the code, XF23B
The short story, "Matt Archer: Monster Summer"
can also be downloaded on Smashwords for free (no code needed)
Book 2, Matt Archer: Blade's Edge
can be downloaded on Smashwords, with a 25% off discount using the code UD38J
Crazy awesome, huh?!?!?!!

Let's get to know book 2, Matt Archer: Blade's Edge now.....

When Matt Archer was fourteen, he discovered monsters are real. As if that wasn’t enough to go on for a few decades, Matt also found out that he’d been chosen to hunt those monsters--with a sentient, supernatural knife. Now fifteen, Matt has spent the last year working with a clandestine military unit, trying to rid the world of monsters, demons and other vicious creatures, all while keeping it a secret from nearly everyone he knows back home in Billings.

Including his mom.

Add in a new girlfriend, family secrets, sibling drama and enough homework to sink an aircraft carrier, and Matt’s life has become more complicated than he ever imagined. Worse, the knife has developed some very definite opinions about Matt’s personal life and it interferes in his business whenever it wants. More and more, Matt’s coming to realize that sharing brain-space with a spirit kind of sucks.

When stories of decimated towns and hordes of zombies start pouring into the Pentagon from Afghanistan, Matt knows he’ll be called up soon. Between the new mission and the knife’s increasing control over his mind, Matt wonders if he’ll survive long enough to take his driver’s exam.

Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy
Publisher Type:  Indie
My Rating:  *  *  *  *  *
My Review:

I love, love, love the Matt Archer series and was super excited when I got a chance to read book two.  I was worried it would be just more of the same and that I'd be disappointed...... boy was I wrong!  Kendra Highley took this book to a whole new level of wowness!!!  Sure, there's more crazy action, more teen-boy-madness, and more even-meaner monsters, but at the same time it's a completely new adventure. 

MA2 begins and next we know Matt is parachuting out of a military airplane!  I love how the whole special ops, military details are handled.  There's enough detail to be interesting and to create a complete picture without doing an information overload on a civilian gal such as myself.  It's just so freakin' exciting!

I also really appreciate how fully developed the adult characters are, especially Matt's mom.  I find many YA books do a disservice to us parent-types, leaving us to be clueless, whiny obstacles.  I love how Mrs. Archer's written.  

When I reviewed MA1, I said it'd be appropriate for older middle graders and up.  In MA2 we see more darkness creeping into the world and Matt deals with more mature issues.  The suspense is ratcheted up and I found myself holding my breath and (yes, I'm such a girl) crying over Matt's loses.

Overall, my only complaint is that MA3 is written yet.  I love Matt and I want more!!!  Now.

Now our fantabulous author has a great post for us 
on finding the YA voice 
(btw, this is one of the best author guest posts I've read)....

“Dude…you wrote this?”

That’s probably the nicest compliment I’ve ever gotten about my work. Seriously. Given that a thirteen-year-old boy said it to me, a forty-year-old woman, regarding a novel I asked him to beta read…well, it’s high praise indeed, especially considering that my main character was a freshman in high school. And a guy.

That’s the crux of it for YA writers—getting the voice right. Most of us have heard that teens “have their BS meters turned up to max.” It’s true. Try to sound too trendy, and you’ll miss the mark. Sound too adult, and you’ll lose your reader. There’s a narrow gap where a genuine teen voice can be heard. Having hit both ends of the spectrum, I really worried about this in the Matt Archer books and, to be honest, I got a lot of it wrong over the iterations. So what changed between those early drafts and the copy I gave my young beta reader?

I listened.

Disclaimer—I enjoy teenagers. They’re paradoxes, especially middle graders, and it’s interesting to watch them grow and mature right before your eyes. Working with youth groups gave me a front-row seat to see how teens talk and interact with each other. That’s where I learned the word “hip” is uncool, and how to use “dude” correctly (it’s the perfect word, actually). But most of all, I discovered that what they love most is to be taken seriously. If there’s a whiff of condescension or an overt message, they’ll blow you off. 


So I let myself remember the angst of being a band geek surrounded by popular kids in Spanish class. I daydreamed about the heady rush of my first kiss. I relived the awful, sick feeling you get when you have a fight with your best friend. A lot of adults tend to forget how intense the teenage years can be, and how real and valid the feelings are. That’s how YA writers work magic: creating characters teens can relate to in some way because we’re validating their experiences. We’re telling them they matter, even if we dress it up with monsters or aliens.

Bringing out your inner fourteen-year-old can be hard, but the reward is great, because teens are loyal readers. If they love one of your books, they will love all of them, defend you against your detractors and tell everyone they know how great you are. It’s that passion that makes them special. 

Kendra C. Highley lives in north Texas with her husband and two children. She also serves as staff to two self-important and high-powered cats. This, according to the cats, is her most important job. She believes chocolate is a basic human right, running a 10k is harder than it sounds, and that everyone should learn to drive a stick-shift. She loves monsters, vacations, baking and listening to bad electronica.

Get to know this fantastic gal on these other sites:

Find Matt Archer: Blade's Edge on these sites.....

And Don't forget to add Matt to your Goodreads TBR!!! 

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. 
Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorcements and Testimonials in Advertising* 

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L. S. Murphy's REAPER: Blog Tour with Giveaway, Guest Post, Excerpt and Review

I love, love, love when I get to share a new author with you!  It's truly exciting for me to not only find a great new talent to stalk, but one for you all to stalk as well (I'm not the jealous type, I share my stalkees freely -- tee hee hee).

And here we are!
With a new fantabulous author
and her new fantabulous book that just came out earlier this month!!!

Today, I'm going to share my thoughts on Reaper, introduce you to the wonderful and talented L. S. Murphy, give ya a sneak peek into the book and then give you an opportunity to win your very own ecopy of this fantastic and surprising novel!!!

Let's get rolling, shall we?

First, let me tell you about this awesome novel.....

There's no way sixteen year old Quincy Amarante will become the fifth grim reaper. None. Not over her shiny blue Mustang. Her Jimmy Choos. Or her dead body.

She’s supposed to enjoy her sophomore year, not learn about some freaky future Destiny says she has no choice but to fulfill.

It doesn’t take long for Quincy to realize the only way out of the game is to play along especially since Death can find her anyway, anywhere, anytime. And does.

Like when she’s reassuring her friends she wants nothing to do with former best friend Ben Moorland, who’s returned from god-knows-where, and fails. Miserably.

Instead of maintaining her coveted popularity status, Quincy’s goes down like the Titanic.

Maybe ... just maybe ... that’s okay.

It seems, perhaps, becoming a grim reaper isn’t just about the dead but more about a much needed shift in Quincy’s priorities—from who she thinks she wants to be to who she really is.

Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy
Publisher Type:  Small Press/Indie (J. Taylor -- I love these guys)
My Rating:  *  *  *  *

My Review:
So when I recieved Reaper I was really excited.  It has a great premise and it's from my favorite publisher (I've never not liked one of their books).  Then as I got to reading, I started worrying.  Yikes, Quincy isn't a likable character (think Austin's Emma).  Nope, not likable.  Not at all.  In the beginning.  But then..... her character growth is subtle and is masterfully entwined throughout the story.  She becomes an incredible character as the book progresses.  She goes from shallow to complex and it's such an incredible journey.  I was completely taken by surprise by how much I grew to love this gal!

Now death is, well, pretty dark stuff and keeping a book from going down into depress-y'all-ville is definitely a gift.  Ms. Murphy nails it with a beautifully crafted balance between the deep (I cried.... a bunch) and the light-hearted (love the fun and creative "otherworldly" characters!!).  And then the romance ---oh the romance!!!  Oh so wonderful!!!  Oh how sweet!!!  Oh how perfect!!!

There's a lot of bittersweet in this novel and the last portion is FILLED with bittersweet.  There was major tear expulsion (but don't worry it's never overly dramatic) and I have mixed feeling about the conclusion.  It's a well done end, but it's so bittersweet that I feel quite conflicted.  Believe me, indifferent is not an emotion you'll be feeling as you finish this book!  It'll leave you thinking about it for weeks.

Cover Art:
I love the clean, crisp design of this cover.  It fits the book so well, too!!!

Sneak Peek:
A spitball stops in mid-air less than an inch from my nose.

It hangs there. I assume everyone else notices the wet wad of paper too, but when I turn to my bestie Jordan, her mouth is stuck open with her eyes half closed.

She was just laughing. Now she’s ... frozen?

The sudden silence is louder than a room full of gossiping teenagers.

Mini-quakes creep up my spine like a centipede hurrying toward my hair.

I’m not entirely sure my heart is beating. I wave my shaking hand in front of Jordan, hoping this will break her free of whatever happened.

No reaction.

Why am I moving?

So many times, I wished Jordan would stop talking. Now is the one time I need her high-pitched voice to pierce my ears.

Quin, relax. It’s okay. No way this is real. I pinch my arm hard, but it doesn’t change anything.

A loud pop makes me spin around in my seat. A man stands in front of the chalkboard in a bluish-white robe staring at me through blizzard white eyes. He holds a staff in front of him that looks like melting glass.

“Hello, Quincy,” he says in a deep velvet voice. “How would you like to see your future?”

I stand and stumble toward the back of the room. “Who are you supposed to be? Gandalf?” I’m unable to keep the tremor out of my voice.

“One person dresses up like me in a movie, and that’s all I hear.” He leans back on Mr. Spragg’s desk. “I’m far more attractive than him and so much more fun.” He winks and lifts his robe, revealing a pair of yellow and red striped Bermuda shorts and orange flip-flops.

My eyes pop wider at the mismatched mess, but I keep my thoughts about his sense of fashion to myself. “Who are you?”

His sigh echoes off the walls. “I’m Destiny.”


Rolling his eyes, he raises the staff high to his left. Like a swordsman, he stabs and swooshes it down in an arch. The air ripples as a dark slit opens. A man in a deep brown pinstripe suit steps through. His cheap sneakers don’t match the formality of the tan fedora and horn-rimmed glasses.

A pony-sized white German shepherd saunters in behind him, and I take an automatic step back. The dog turns his head, black orbs where its eyes should be.
Pinstripe man glances my way before turning toward the person who calls himself Destiny. His features contort and a maroon tint creeps over his face.

“What the f—”

Destiny flips his finger and the new guy shuts up. After a moment, he does another finger move.

“We said when she was eighteen, Des.”

“I’m aware of that, Forsyth.”

“She’s not eighteen.”

“Really? I never would have guessed.” Sarcasm fills each word as Destiny raises his eyebrows like a flag on the Fourth of July.

Forsyth glares. “Then why am I here?”

“I let you pick the date, but I never agreed to honor it.” Destiny pats the dog on the head with sneer and wipes his hands on his robe. “Now is the time. Teach her.”

Loving it? I know, right?!?  Well, if you just can't wait any longer, you can purchase your copy here.  And don't forget to add Reaper to your Goodreads TBR.

So now, let's get to know this wildly talented author......

L.S. Murphy lives in the Greater St. Louis area where she watches Cardinals baseball, reads every book she can find, and weaves tales for teens and adults. When not doing all of the above, she tends to The Bean (aka her daughter), her husband and a menagerie of pets. “A Reason to Stay”, a contemporary romance novella, is available as of November 2, 2012.  Reaper is her debut young adult novel and was released on January 7th, 2013.

She is a co-rep for the Southern Illinois region of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and a member of the St. Louis Writer’s Guild.

Get to know her better on her Blog, Twitter, Facebook and/or Goodreads.

And now here's a guest post from our new friend........

My Critique Group

A few years ago, I decided to take myself seriously as a writer. I had written the prerequisite vampire novel – no, you can’t read it since it sucks – and queried a whopping total of two agents before I started to pay attention to the industry. One thing that stood out, besides the fact that people didn’t want vampire books anymore, was critique groups.

So I set out to find one having already written a new novel.

I’d heard horror stories about critique groups that make my toes curl and my jaw clench. Finding a supportive, encouraging group seemed impossible. I looked around at online groups, but I really wanted the intimacy of seeing my critique partners face-to-face. I wanted to see their eyes when they shredded my story, because I expected to be shredded.

Also, I wanted to be with a group of likeminded people.

That is how I discovered Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). There was a group meeting not too far from my house. I emailed one of the reps and went to my first gathering.


Seriously, I shook the entire time I was there. My face must have looked like a bruised apple. (I blush when I’m scared and nervous, which is A LOT.) But I sat through the meeting, and prepared that they would tear what I brought to shreds.

Only they didn’t. Not really.

Don’t get me wrong, they had no issue telling me what was wrong within those five pages, but they also pointed out what was good. After one little meeting, I had more confidence in myself. I really thought I could make it.

That particular manuscript didn’t go anywhere, but I had another idea brewing. I wrote Reaper, and I took chunks to this amazing group of people. With their help and advice, I rewrote Reaper. Then I rewrote it some more. And then even more. I lost count of how many drafts I had before I got it to the point that it needed to be.

When I got the offer from J. Taylor Publishing, I waited until our next meeting to share the news that Reaper would released onto the world. That I would finally be a published novelist. It was as if all of us had won the lottery.

Yeah, it may be my book, but I never would’ve gotten there without my critique group.

Thanks, L. S!!!  That was awesome advice and a great shout out!!!

Now, onto the giveaway portion of today's post :) ...........

J. A. Belfield's CAGED: Cover Reveal

if you've been following Known to Read for a little while now, 
you probably know already how geeked I get about cover reveals
you probably also know what 
a crazed, biggest-fan-girl-EVER dork 
I am when it comes to
  J. A. Belfield and her Holloway Pack wolves....

So it probably doesn't really need saying
just HOW FREAKIN' STOKED I am to share with you
the cover reveal of
Book 3 of the Holloway Pack series!!!!!

***Fan Girl Squeals***
Fireworks and Cartwheels abound!!

And it is SMOKIN'

Whew!  Okay....
So are you ready???
***Chill Bumps***

Here it is.....
***drum roll, me excitedly bouncing on my toes***

TA DA!!!!

Release Date: August 5, 2013
Genre:  Urban Fantasy/PNR 

If the meek can become deadly, the strongest can be weak. 
For Ethan Holloway, his mission to find a missing werewolf should be simple. Crack a few heads, bust a few chops and the solution always reveals itself. Always.
Not this time.
Ethan’s reputation precedes him, and because it does, someone is ready. Waiting. Unbeknownst to Ethan, he’s about to go down. Hard. Against a foe he never suspected and in a world he never imagined could be real.
What awaits Ethan is a fight not only for his reputation, but also his pack, his female, and his life. If he survives, damage control will become priority number one. 
If he survives.
Because even Ethan’s not sure he’s strong enough to take on an entire race all by himself.
Especially one hell bent on exposing who and what he is in the name of sport.

Other Novels in this series include:
Blue Moon (#2)

In-between release novellas include:
Instinct (#0)
Eternal (#.5)
Resonance (#2.5)

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Super Exciting, Fantabulous News for my Fellow Bloggers!!!

So this is a post especially for my fellow blogging peeps.
I'm hoping you're being here means you like my content.
Maybe even like a lot of the same books?!?! Hmmmm?
Perhaps you may have even wondered, "Where does she get such wonderful books?"

Well, let me tell you...
One of my very favorite places to get books is from J. Taylor Publishing.
It's true!  These peeps have serious talent-radar in picking authors.
Some of my favorite authors are with J. Taylor...
J. A. Belfield, Aimee Laine (aka Emi Gayle), Joycelyn Adams, L. S. Murphy

The benefits of being part of their team are......

  • Free ebooks with immediate access to the novels and novellas (at the pre-release stage) — No asking to be considered on a book by book basis!
  • Reduced cost print books (when/where available)
  • Free (or reduced cost) marketing materials about our books (media kits, cover images, bookmarks) where available
  • Priority for future back-of-the-book quotes with your name on them (for printed novels)
  • Priority for blog tours and interviews with our authors
  • Promotion of your website on our blog (link back)
  • Potential inclusion of your review in our authorʼs media kits, marketing tools, etc
  • Priority reviews of any query submitted to us for publication consideration
  • Personal feedback on the above submissions
  • There are absolutely no costs to this program and never will be.

And why am I telling you all this???
Well, not only do I love to brag on fantabulous folks like those at J. Taylor Publishing,
but I'm super stoked to tell you that they are looking for some
incredible bloggers such as yourselves to add to their team!!!
Yay!  Woo hoo!!!!


To make it even sweeter, their making it into a contest!!!
Oh yeah!!!

So what do you need to do to get in on this sweetness???

First, fill out the Reviewer Registration form.
Please, please, please place my name
in the referred by box.
Don't forget to leave me a comment here saying you signed up.

Then, stop by the Rafflecopter page to enter the contest.

Prizes include.....


  • Two signed bookmark sets, including, J.A. Belfield, Jocelyn Adams, Aimee Laine, Claire Gillian, J.C. Martin, Julie Reece and Emi Gayle
  • Two sets of unsigned bookmarks, including the above authors, plus bookmarks for Tidal Whispers, Into the Unknown and Reaper by L.S. Murphy


  • Two complete sets of all 2011 and 2012 releases in Kindle format with a bonus book: Reaper by L.S. Murphy
  • Two complete sets of all 2011 and 2012 releases in EPUB format (for Nooks, etc) with a bonus book: Reaper by L.S. Murphy

Book Money!

  • One $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift certificate
  • Now, here you might wonder why we’re only giving one gift certificate away. Well, this will ONLY be awarded to one of our current bloggers. The catch? Selection will be made solely from names entered into the ‘Referred by’ field in the Reviewer registration form.

Check out the Terms & Conditions here.

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Review: Bitter Frost and Wolf Fey by Kailin Gow

All her life, Breena had always dreamed about fairies as though she lived among them...beautiful fairies living among mortals and living in Feyland.

In her dreams, he was always there the breathtakingly handsome but dangerous Winter Prince, Kian, who is her intended. When Breena turns sixteen, she begins seeing fairies and other creatures mortals don't see. Her best friend Logan suddenly acts very protective.

Then she sees Kian, who seems intent on finding her and carrying her off to Feyland. That's fine and all, but for the fact that humans rarely survive a trip to Feyland, a kiss from a fairy generally means death to the human unless that human has fairy blood in them or is very strong, and although Kian seemed to be her intended, he seems to hate her and wants her dead.

Genre:  YA Fantasy
Publisher Type:  Indie
My Rating:  *  *  *

My Review:
So I have mixed feeling on this one.  On the positive, I love the poetic descriptions; it's almost poetry without being slow.  The wording is simply beautiful (reminding me Maggie Stiefvater).  I enjoyed the characters.  I can't say they were terribly deep, but they were enjoyable.  Though  Bitter Frost seems STRONGLY inspired by Iron Knight and Need, it has it's own intriguing premise.  No doubt when dealing with mythology and folklore,  similarities are just part of the territory.

So onto the less-than-positives.  The story line is a bit predictable and has a very standard love triangle. I also felt like there's a lot missing details.  I was left wondering things like "What did Breena wear all the time she and Kian were were holed up?" and "What happened to being shot in the leg?"  I think a good story editor could really be used here.  Then there's the ending.  The ending really did this book in for me.  There's so little conflict resolution; it feels more like to book just stops with a "to be continued" tag on the end.  I did like the epilogue; it was expected, but not unwelcomed.

Overall, Bitter Frost is an enjoyable read, but I find myself disappointed because this could be an epic read with a little more grooming.

Cover Art:
I could not resist reading this one based on cover alone!!!  It's so freaking amazing !

Shifter Fairies - fairies who can shift into wolf shape.

Introduced in Silver Frost (Frost #3) about the Wolf Fey, this Frost novelette is Logan’s open and raw story before Bitter Frost (Frost #1) and a hint of his destiny. Will it be with Breena?

My Rating: *

My Review:
The Wolf Fey gives us some needed background on Logan and occurs right before Bitter Frost takes place.

This short story is really rough, having the feeling of being just thrown together.  The story itself is okay, but not really gripping.  The worst offense is that so much of this story doesn't line up with the opening events of Bitter Frost.

Cover Art:  I do like this cover.  The stars are beautiful.  I would have kept the author's name is the same color and font as the the title, but otherwise an excellent cover.

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Cover Reveal: Death Escorts by Cambria Hebert

So you know, I love a chance to do a cover reveal.
As an artist and bibliophile, cover reveals are the perfect storm for me.
And when I get to do a cover reveal for a fav author, 
you just know I'm doing a serious happy dance 
(granted, how serious can a happy dance be???)

So today I get to share with you something new from Cambria Hebert!!!!
**fan girl squeal**
This fantabulous author of the Heven and Hell series is anouncing a new series.
I know, chill bumps, right?!?
The series is called Death Escorts and the first book is Recalled.
Here's what the author has said about this new series:

This series is unique because each book acts as a stand alone, meaning that you don't have to read all the books in order to understand each of them. They are all based off of the same idea (that idea being the characters are all Death Escorts) and will have some of the same characters in each book. The series is for young adults and beyond and encompasses the elements of romance, thriller, paranormal and fantasy. You will not see vampires, shifters, witches, fae or any type of those kinds of characters in this series.

So, wanna see???
Alright.  Drum roll, please.
Ta da!!!!

Death Escorts Series
by Cambria Hebert

Genre: Young Adult Romance with paranormal, thriller and mystery elements
Release Date: February 15, 2013
Format: Will be available in Print and Ebook
Publisher: Cambria Hebert (kickin' Indie Style!)

Love or Death?
A simple question really. The choice seems obvious.
What if you never knew love, what if your life was spent just trying to survive?
What if you knew your fate before you were fully grown?
And then you died.
And you were given another chance. A better chance.
This new life depended upon one thing: your job.
And so you agreed.
You thought it would be simple. You thought it would be cut and dry.
It never is.
And now you are left holding the fate of someone else
in the palm of your hand and you have to make the ultimate choice.
Love or Death?

Just in case you haven't gotten to meet her,
let me introduce you to Cambria Hebert......
Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series and the upcoming Death Escorts series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in Pennsylvania where she is plotting her next book. You can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting 

“Like” her on Facebook:!/pages/Cambria-Hebert/128278117253138
Follow her on Twitter:
Cambria website:

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Blog Tour with Giveaway: Make Believe by J. A. Belfield and others

I'm super excited to be back today (I've been without internet for 2 weeks!!!) 
starting this new year off right with an awesome tour stop for 
Make Believe 
an incredible compilation of fantasy short stories.  
See my review of this fantabulous book here.

Did you know that all the stories within are inspired by the cover art???
So let's introduce this awesomesauce of a book.....

by J.A. Belfield, Jennifer M. Eaton, J. Keller Ford, Terri Rochenski, Lynda R. Young, Kelly Said
Sacrificial Oath by Terri Rochenski
An impetuous act unwittingly makes Alesuela the fulfillment of the Sovereign's Blood Oath to their Goddess. In five days, she'll be forced to make the greatest choice of her life: become the virginal sacrifice already promised, or force the man she loves most to die in her place. With an impossible choice in front of her, she searches for ways to undo the oath, and in her quest, finds not everything in her life is as she expects.

The Amulet of Ormisez by J. Keller Ford
There is only one way to save Elton Fletcher's brother from an insanity-ridden death. After years away from home, fighting for his people, Elton returns to discover his only sibling, Cayden, possessed by greed and malice, and responsible for malicious, unthinkable deeds. Cayden, though, isn't the only one afflicted by the Amulet of Ormisez, and Elton finds himself in yet another battle, where the price of failure could be his own life.

Birthright by Lynda R. Young
Christa can mask the pain and hide the scars, but running from a birthright is impossible. She's tried to escape her grief by fleeing to a small town in Florida. Much to her frustration, the locals think they recognize her even though she's never been there before. To make things worse, a man named Jack spouts outrageous theories about her. Both spur Christa to bolt, to start fresh yet again, but there's something about Jack that intrigues her enough to stay. The only problem? Someone else wants her to leave, and they won't stop until she's dead.

Petrified by Kelly Said
A mysterious storm has replaced summer with winter, devastating crops and smothering Castle lands in snow. Prince Sterling August stands alone as a leader, lost in personal grief as well as a desire to help his people but with an inability to do either. The answers he needs await him, but without Lochlyn, a woman who's just as isolated as Sterling, he'll never see what stands before him, cloaked in illusion.

Last Winter Red by Jennifer M. Eaton
Emily is a Red, a woman whose sole purpose in life is to produce offspring. When her husband dies and leaves her childless, she risks her life and forsakes the safety of Terra-a disease-free city born after the nuclear holocaust. Beyond its boundaries, she knows, survives a man with whom she can be properly paired. The Outside, though, holds secrets the government struggles to keep, and what Emily discovers on her quest for a mate will change her life forever. 

Escort to Insanity by J.A. Belfield
From a charity auction, to a stroll in the park, to the craziest night of her life. Nicole Harrington can't help but wonder how a simple event went so drastically wrong. Of course, the male escort she booked is wholly to blame. Not only charming but shrewdly intelligent, Benjamin Gold drags Nicole into a platoon of unimaginable problems-ones from which she'll have to find the courage just to survive.

Buy your copy here:
Don't forget to add it to your Goodreads TBR!

Now onto a chance to win you a copy!  Woo hoo!!!!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway