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"A fantastic novel" --Midwest Book Review

"From the award-winning author of THE SHAPESHIFTERS' LIBRARY series, RELEASED and RETRIEVED, comes the long awaited third installment!"

Bliss D. Light was just an ordinary children's librarian until one day she discovered she could grow a tail. Now her life is filled with more magic than any of the fairy tales she tells the children who gather at her feet at the Shipsfeather library. Like many of the other residents of Shipsfeather, Ohio, Bliss is a dogshifter, and her newly discovered ability to change from human form into that of a sleek white greyhound has left her yearning to know more about her true heritage. The answer to all her questions, she is certain, lies with the dogshifters' long lost Library of the Ancients and, undeterred by the fact that thousands before her have searched, she sets out to find it.

Accompanied by her best friend Harry, a disgraced werewolf/dogshifter mongrel, and hotly pursued by the evil werewolf team of Sybilla and Blaze, Bliss's quest takes her across the sacred sites and ancient mounds of the American Southwest. Though kidnapped by dogcatchers, sold into racetrack slavery and forced to fight wolf dogs to survive, Harry and Bliss never lose sight of their goal-or each other. Because the only thing more important than finding the ancient lost treasure might just be preserving what they already have found: an unlikely love that could be the first step toward bringing two ancient enemy races together.

Genre:  Sweet Paranormal Romance with Mystery
Publisher Type:  Indie
My Rating: *  *  *  *  *

My Review:

A novel like RECOVERED elicits a happy sigh from me.  This is the type of book you want to curl up to read by the fire with a cup of hot tea on a rainy day.  It's exciting, engrossing and has the sweetest of romances.  I've really enjoyed all of the Shapeshiters' Library books, but RECOVERED is my favorite!

RECOVERED has a National Treasure (love that movie!) vibe with mystery and adventure at it's core.  There's a race to discover a long-lost treasure which existence has been disputed, and woven in are themes of redemption and the breaking of stereotypes and racism.  Bliss and Harry's relationship is sweet and quite romantic.  **more happy sighs**

I will say that there was a plot hole that bugged me quite a bit.  How did the redneck werewolf hear about Bliss and Harry's trip when it was a secret with only a few select dogs in the know?  This did dig at me quite a bit, but honestly the story is just so good, it's impossible mot to forgive an issue or two.

Purchase RECOVERED: Amazon (ebook or paperback) or  Barnes & Noble (paperback)


Purchase on Amazon here.

Currently on sale for 99 cents!!!!!

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Blog Tour with Giveaway: Jonathan Lister's CROSSROADS

Yay!  It's tour time!!!

Today I'm excited to share a great new author, Jonathan Lister, with you!
Ready?  Let's get started!!! And don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end, too!

Werewolf. Bar bouncer. Dad. Standard traits for any self-respecting, reformed criminal, living under the radar in Demos City. For Leon Gray, normal is what he wants — for himself and his not-yet-changed teenage daughter.

Playing bodyguard to crusading reporter David Hastings would totally ruin Leon’s peace, especially since Hastings has hired killers on his trail, pros who know how he takes his espresso in the morning, and where Leon lives.

The payoff, though, would fill up Shauna’s empty college fund, and in a battle between opportunity and ordinary, money wins. He just has to keep Hastings alive long enough to cash the check.

If only he didn’t have to save his daughter, too.

As a budding wolf, she’s piqued the interest of a local pack Alpha — one Leon knows will steal Shauna right out from under him the first chance he gets.

Leon isn’t about to give up on his daughter or Hastings, and will fight for both longer than it took Demos City to see werewolves as equals to humans.

He can only hope it doesn’t take a thousand years.

Want more?  How about a sneak peek???

The Bouncer 

Breaking a beer bottle over someone’s head rarely knocks them unconscious. Oh, it’s going to hurt like hell, probably make a good-sized gash in the scalp but hardly ever just a quick dose of shut-eye. What they’ll end up with is a wound that looks a lot worse than it actually is. The best an opponent can hope for is the element of surprise and the moments of disorientation that the hit causes. If the bastard is serious about it, he can use the jagged edges of broken glass to do some real damage. A shame this isn’t a Western. When a beer bottle connects with a cowboy’s head in one of those old movies, he hits the floor in a few seconds.

I’m not a cowboy. I’m something else.

“Gray! Watch out!” Jenny shouts from behind the bar, but I already know Frank is coming. Guy lost his job last week—ten years as a call center supervisor. He’s been in here every night since. Now he’s drunk enough to think I’m the reason his company shipped his job off to the Philippines.

It’s taking him forever to swing that damn bottle at me; I’m getting bored.

He’s harmless on most nights, talks a lot about how he’d like to blow up his old work, but ends up passing out in his car. People in front of me are pointing and shouting over the din of music and bar talk, obviously trying to warn me. It’s the whiskey’s fault Frank is coming after me. That doesn’t mean I can make an exception. Everyone in here knows the rules, knows what’s coming.

The bottle connects with the back of my head and shatters. I don’t move. Broken glass sticks in my hair, even draws some blood. I let the pain run down my back along with the cheap beer and hold my breath until the shouting sting fades to a grumbling throb.

Yep—hurts like hell.

“Fuck you, Leon!” Frank shouts. His breath is acrid and brimming with rye as it washes over my neck. Its scent tells me how much alcohol is in his blood. In all the movies Frank has ever probably seen, it’s only supposed to take one hit, so I know he’s is waiting for me to fall down. In fact, he’s probably praying I fall because no way he’s got a next move planned.

A bar that was roaring with life a moment ago is all spectators, front-row seat types. Most everyone in here knows me, knows what I am. Frank does, too; it’s why he needs to quit the whiskey. The pool tables are quiet. No one’s playing darts, not even bringing glasses to their lips. There are no footsteps on the hardwood floors. The customers are all a mixture of bloodlust and pity, waiting to see what my first move is going to look like. The bell sounds in my head as I turn around.

This is the fun part of my job.

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Purchase CROSSROADS here: Amazon or Barnes & Nobles

Let's get to know this awesomesauce writer:

Jonathan Lister is a full-time writer with work appearing in outlets of USA Today, The Houston Chronicle and many others. A graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, he’s waited an unspeakable amount of tables en route to having the career he wants, and the ability to the tell stories he loves. Crossroads: aDemos City Novel is Jonathan’s first book-length work of fiction. He currently lives in the Philadelphia area and continues to drink too much coffee.

Stalk this cool author on his author's site, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads page.

Here's what Jonathan had to say about overcoming writer's block:

Writer’s block is a lie. The blockage isn’t in the flow of words – we can keep writing for as long as our fingers keep jabbing at the keys. Our problem isn’t with production, but the awful sentences that come out of us, sometimes for months, before we get to the good stuff. Avoiding this ‘blockage’ is at the forefront of every writers’ process, and it’s on the menu for mine as well. At the risk of discussing the craft too in-depth, here are a few ways I keep the keys popping and the ideas coming.

#1 Alcoholism
That’s not true. I mean, I don’t advocate abusing a substance as a means to stimulate your creativity, but it is good to get out of the house and interact with other humans. See your friends for a drink, go out with your significant other for a glass of wine, anything, other than sit at your desk and continue to pound sand. Don’t get addicted to booze because I told you it would help your career. Get out there and socialize, but do so in moderation. 

#2 Write The Crap Out of It
We tend to toil under the notion that “the draft” is just going to pour out of us in one creative convulsion. It’s not true…at least not for most us. In reality, you just need to write a bunch of terrible lines before you get your brain in the right place to write some good ones. If you’re still coming up with boring prose, don’t worry. As the old saying goes, “If you find yourself going through Hell, keep going.”

#3 Video Games…No Seriously
Get out of your headspace and allow your brain to ease into another reality. No legal way of doing that better than with video games. Fire up the X-box, the PC or the Playstation, set the difficulty on “child with a rattle” and destroy your competition. The goal here is not to increase your frustration level, so don’t go MMo’ing in the heroic-level raids where your progress descends into herding cats and punching online trolls. Be liberal with your trigger finger, grasshopper.

#4 Walk the Dog
Remember your dog? The animal you feed and take care of that lounges near your writing desk waiting for a head pat and/or belly rub? He needs attention, so why don’t you quit worrying about the chapter you just can’t get right and go for a walk? The steady motion will help relax you, trust me. Of course, if you have a cat, this step will only serve to infuriate you further. You can’t own a cat. You can only agree to feed it for the time it chooses to live with you.

#Call Your Best Friend
Conversation is a clot-busting drug for the logjam of ideas in your brain. Give your best friend a call and hash them out. Don’t censor yourself or avoid story points because you’re not confident in them. This is your closest friend, the person who knows you better than anyone. Let the musings fly back and forth. Sooner rather than later, you’ll know which parts are lame and which ones are worth investing more time in.

Everyone works through creative problems differently. What works for you, might not be what generates the inspiration for another, and that’s totally okay. Next time when you don’t feel like writing, or doing anything else for that matter, give one of these tips a try. You might be shocked at the results. 

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Cover Reveal: Janelle Stalder's MASKED

Holy Cow am I excited about this one!!!
I absolutely love SWITCH (see my six star crazed review here)
and cannot wait to get my hands on this baby!
Ready to see the cover???
It's soooooo freakin awesome!!!!!!!
**big fangirl squeal**

Add MASKED to your Goodreads TBR here!

Tentative release date of February 25th, 2014

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.

New Berlin, 2040. Rebels prepare to fight against the New World Order, bent on bringing down the world’s greatest tyrant. One girl wanted nothing to do with it, content to keep her head down and make the best of this new world. That is, until she has no choice but to work with the rebels and infiltrate the NWO headquarters. Every moment she spends there puts her in danger, especially when one man, the second in command to the New World leader, continues to make his way into her every thought. She must stay focused and protect not just her mind and body, but also her heart. Will she be able to complete her task without being unmasked? Or will the one man standing in her way ruin it all?

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Review: Eden-East by Janelle Stalder

New life, new deaths, and truths revealed. Everything ends now.

In the final installment of the Eden series, the King’s army prepares for their biggest battle yet. Aiden and his friends set out to find Aziz in his hidden mountain fortress and bring the war in Eden to an end. But secrets are being discovered along the way, and the weight of them could ruin lives. Aiden is coping with loss and the need for vengeance, as well as changes in himself he doesn’t quite understand. Thousands of lives are depending on him to stop Aziz once and for all, and this time Aiden is more than ready and confident he’ll be the one to do it. The stakes are higher than he ever anticipated on his journey east.

Elisa is embarking on a new phase of her life. She has the man she loves beside her, their group of friends have become stronger, and the end of war is in sight. Now she just needs to see it through so she can finally have her happily ever after. But she knows the truth that the others don’t, and it will test her loyalty and friendship more than anything ever has.

Genre:  Epic Fantasy (YA, NA & More)
Publisher Type:  Indie
Purchase Links:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords
Add EDEN-EAST to your Goodreads TBR!

My Rating: *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
I'm in mourning.  I've never been so sad to see a series come to an end.  This may be the most incredible epic fantasy series of all time -- seriously, I'm not just being dramatic -- and it's over.  I finished it a few weeks ago and have been trying to process my feelings.  This book is incredible!!!  It's the perfect culmination of the three amazing books prior.  But now it's over ... I just can't seem to wrap my head around that.

So what can I say as a reviewer?  Well, if you're reading this, you've likely read books 1-3 and don't need me to rehash how incredibly well written the characters are, how the complex cast each has back story and depth and draw you in and make you love and/or hate them.  You don't need me to tell you that the overall plot, as well as the individual books' plots, are intriguing to the point that your children may not eat for days as you are too busy reading.  So all I can say is that the conclusion of all this freakastically amazing adventure that is EDEN-EAST does not disappoint.  It's great ... but I still can't believe its over. 

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CURRENTLY FREE!!! Review: GHOST HAND by Ripley Patton

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Black has a rare birth defect known as Psyche Sans Soma, or PSS. Instead of a right hand made of flesh and blood, she was born with a hand made of ethereal energy.

How does Olivia handle being the girl with the ghost hand? Well, she's a little bit morbid and a whole lot snarky.

Her mother thinks her obsession with death, black clothing, and the local cemetery is a bid for attention. But when Marcus, the new guy in Olivia's calculus class, stares at her like she's a freak, Olivia doesn't like it. And when her hand goes rogue, doing things she never imagined possible, Olivia finds herself running for her life with Marcus from a group of men bent on taking the power of her hand for their own nefarious purposes.

Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy
Publisher Type:  Indie
Purchase Links:  Amazon (FREE right now!!!!) or Barnes & Noble
Add GHOST HAND to your Goodreads TBR!

My Rating: *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
This is an incredibly fun read!  I love the creativity that went into the creation of the PSS condition -- especially Olivia's special gift in regards to her PSS (no spoilers here for sure!).  From the very first chapter, the reader is drawn in to this world and crazy stuff starts happening immediately.  There's lots of mystery, suspense, unanswered questions and dubious motives in this quick-paced read.  Many questions are left unanswered by the end of the book, but I have confidence future installments will bring the answers to light.  My only real complaint is that the adults were a bit one-dimensional, but that didn't hurt my overall enjoyment of GHOST HAND.  I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in the PSS Chronicles, GHOST HOLD.

Cover Art:
I really enjoy the straightforward beauty of this cover.  It grabs your attention while giving you a clear glimpse of what the novel is about :)

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Review: EYE OF THE SOUL by Terri Rochenshi

Eye of the Soul (Pool of Souls)


That should be Hyla’s first thought as her people are chained and imprisoned for no imaginable reason.

Instead, Hyla finds herself traveling through a land void of Natives, with human soldiers pillaging in desperate pursuit of her, and in search of the mystical Pool of Souls—home to the one man who can save her people.

Or so she believes.

Led by her faith in the deity Fadir, Hyla is met along her journey by Jadon—a human male and fierce King’s warrior, and his childhood best friend Conlin—one of the few Natives aware of his Fadir-given Talents.

Protected by Jadon, guided by Conlin, and with an unfailing belief in the purpose of her pilgrimage, Hyla carries on.

Like her, though, another searches for the Pool, and should he gain access first, everyone she loves, and everything she knows, could be lost.


Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher Type:  Small Print
Purchase Links:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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My Rating:  *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
Know those books that you just keep on thinking about long after you finish them?  The ones you had become so engrossed in, you ponder what will happen with the characters much like you would wonder how a troubled friend is doing?  Yup, EYE OF THE SOUL is so one of those books.

What an incredible world Terri Rochenshi builds in EYE OF THE SOUL!  She balances guiding her reader through discovering this world, introducing amazing characters and thrilling with griping action perfectly right from the start.  While you are immediately thrown into the action of the plot, you never feel lost or confused.  Oh yes, there's plenty of mystery or veiled motives, but you never think "huh?" as you go along; "gasp!" yes, but not "huh?"

I really enjoyed the story of EYE OF THE SOUL.  I was so engrossed by the plot and I fell in love with the characters.  Hyla is incredible!  Really, all the characters are amazing.  I'm super excited to read the next installment of the Pool of Souls!  EYE OF THE SOUL closes with a great cliff hanger and so much yet to be discovered.  Write faster, Terri, please!!!!

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Review: FLORENCE by Ciye Cho

by Ciye Cho 

Seventeen-year-old Florence Waverley is out of her depth. Literally. Kidnapped and taken below the waves to the mer world of Niemela, she is the ultimate gift for merman Prince Kiren: a human familiar tied to his side. But nothing is what it seems amid the beauty and danger of a dark ocean.

Every Niemelan has a role to play, from the mermaids who weave towers out of kelp to the warriors who fight sea monsters. But in trying to survive, Florence will end up in the middle of a war between the mer and the Darkness. A conflict that will push her between two brothers: Kiren, the charmer inexplicably drawn to both her and the monsters; and Rolan, the loner who has been pushing her away since the day they met. But in order to take a stand--and find out where she belongs--Florence will have to risk it all: her life, her heart... and her very soul.

Genre:  YA Fantasy
Publisher Type:  Indie
Purchase Links:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords
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My Rating: *  *  *  *

My Review:
I really, really enjoyed reading FLORENCE.  What a fun and creative ride!  I love the world we encounter here.  The colors, the society, the unique sea environment ... it's a cornucopia for the imagination.  The story line is intriguing and I always appreciate that sense of not knowing who a character can trust.  While I like the entire cast, I do feel some could have been developed with a bit more depth, but that really didn't hurt my overall enjoyment of FLORENCE.  I am also left wondering why Florence was so invisible in her human world.  Perhaps this will be explored in the next book in the series, LUMINAIRE.  I'm super excited to see what happens to Florence and this amazing mer world she's experiencing.

Cover Art:
Such a beautiful and artistic cover!  It's a perfect fit fot what's inside!

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New Release News: Kate Avery Ellison's AERALIS

You may be aware that I'm slightly obsessed with 
Kate Avery Ellison's FROST CHRONICLES series.
It's freaktastically amazing!!!  And the final book has just come out!
Huge fan girl squeal!!!
I'm actually a book behind, having not read BLUEWING yet, 
but this just means I can read these last two back to back 
without any of those pesky cliff hangers to drive me nutso --
 well more nutso that I'm already, tee hee hee.

Check out my previous reviews of this series.....

And now, here's the skinny on the final book:

AERALIS (The FROST Chronicles #5)
Kate Avery Ellison

In the icy, monster-plagued world of the Frost, one wrong move and a person could end up dead—and Lia Weaver knows this better than anyone. After the monsters called Watchers kill her parents, she must keep the family farm running despite the freezing cold and threat of monster attacks or risk losing her siblings to reassignment by the village Mayor and his council of Elders. With dangers on all sides, she can’t afford to let her emotions lead her astray. So when her sister finds a fugitive bleeding to death in the forest—a handsome young stranger named Gabe—Lia surprises herself and does the unthinkable.

She saves his life.

And it changes everything.

Now, in the final chapter of Lia’s story, she faces her greatest challenge yet. Her beloved brother is dying, and when an unexpected enemy appears in the Frost and threatens her sister’s life, too, Lia must travel to Aeralis, the world of the Farthers, to save her family.

Buy AERALIS on Amazon or Barnes & Noble
Add it to your Goodreads TBR!

Annnnnnnnd, Check out this great news!!!!

FROST is on sale for just $0.99 for a limited time to celebrate the release of the final book!!

Buy FROST on Amazon or Barnes & Noble
The entire Frost Chronicles series—Frost, Thorns, Weavers, Bluewing, and Aeralis—are now available! But the story isn’t completely over. A few Frost novelettes are slated for release later this year, giving perspective from other characters during the events of the series. And there’s a contest! Two fans will have novelettes dedicated to them personally.

If you want to have a Frost story dedicated to you, 
enter this contest on Kate Avery Ellison’s blog to win!!

Kate Avery Ellison loves cats, zombies, and taking walks in the rain. She likes her chocolate and her fantasy dark. She makes her home in Atlanta, GA, with her handsome, geektastic husband and two bad cats. Connect with her at:

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BLog Tour with Giveaway: EYE OF THE SOUL by Terri Rochenski

Super excited today to bring you another hot off the presses, AMAZING young adult fantasy,
YAY!!!  **happy dance**

Now due to this crazy-sauce move situation I've got going on, I'm only about halfway thru,
but man is this book killer!!!  So, review to come, but I'm thinking a solid 5 stars is likely ;)

So let me introduce ya to the book......

Eye of the Soul (Pool of Souls #1)

by Terri Rochenski 


That should be Hyla’s first thought as her people are chained and imprisoned for no imaginable reason.

Instead, Hyla finds herself traveling through a land void of Natives, with human soldiers pillaging in desperate pursuit of her, and in search of the mystical Pool of Souls—home to the one man who can save her people.

Or so she believes.

Led by her faith in the deity Fadir, Hyla is met along her journey by Jadon—a human male and fierce King’s warrior, and his childhood best friend Conlin—one of the few Natives aware of his Fadir-given Talents.

Protected by Jadon, guided by Conlin, and with an unfailing belief in the purpose of her pilgrimage, Hyla carries on.

Like her, though, another searches for the Pool, and should he gain access first, everyone she loves, and everything she knows, could be lost.


Here's a sneak peek for you:

Cursing her arthritic fingers, Miri squeezed out a rag and draped it over the human man’s hot forehead.
“I’ve seen a lot more harvests than you, old goat,” she muttered, lifting his eyelids. “I’m thinking you’ll never catch up either. Doubt you last another half-moon’s phase.”
Miri pushed to her feet and stretched her hunched back. A heavy sigh slipped past her wrinkled lips as she glanced around the sick house. Keeping the night watch wasn’t too bad—she’d volunteered often since her old bones wouldn’t allow much sleep.
“Joints wasted, hearing all but gone …” Miri yanked on the long white braid lying over her shoulder. “I’m the old goat.”
She shuffled down the aisle, woolen kirtle swishing in the silence. A cool, autumn breeze rustled the crimson leaves of the magnolia and palm fronds overhead, drawing her gaze upward. Violet streaks lit the pre-dawn sky.A dog barked, yipped, and fell silent.
Miri peered across the village green to the thatched buildings beyond. A shadow passed between two cottages. Another three hurried toward the neighboring dwelling.
“Sight fading or my mind, too?” Miri rubbed her watery eyes, blinked, and leaned forward. Light flickered through the palm trees behind the outlying homes.
The flames drew closer, weaving between the trunks.
Humans from the mainland? Miri’s hand clutched at her throat. Soldiers. Fadir have mercy.
The men crept through the village, taking up positions at every doorway. Two brutes, more horse-like in size than human, approached the sick house.
Sputtering torch held high, the first strode forward, dark eyes intent upon Miri. A green surcoat covered broad shoulders and fell to his thighs. The golden wheat sheaf of the city of Varosh adorned his chest.
Cold sweat beaded upon Miri’s brow. Breath burst from her lungs, and she moved back, clutching the door jam.
The second soldier stepped closer, chains and shackles clanking in his hand. He stopped two paces away from Miri, and a smile stretched his stubbled cheeks, revealing rotted teeth. “Good morning pointy-ears.”
Miri stared, heartbeat thundering in her ears. She’d been called worse in her eighty-three birth passings but never with such malice.
A single cry rang out across the village, and doors crashed inward. Screams rent the air.
“Don’t fight Native woman,” rotten-teeth sneered, shackles outstretched.
“W-why?” Miri whispered, taking a step backward.
A scowl narrowed his gaze, and his fist shot forward.
Bursts of light and pain exploded through Miri as she crumpled to the floor.
Miri’s people huddled on the village green as fall’s pale sun crested the trees. Cold metal had been clasped around their necks and ankles. Many trembled in the cool air, little more than night clothes covering their nakedness. Miri held to her braid with a white-knuckled grip, her head and its egg-sized bump throbbing in time with her pulse.

A handful of other battered Natives who had attempted flight were the last to join them, the soldiers tossing them forward like sacks of potatoes.

Add EYE OF THE SOUL to your Goodreads TBR here!
Purchase your very own copy here:

Let's get to know our awesomesauce author, Terri Rochenski:

Terri started writing stories in the 8th grade, when a little gnome whispered in her brain. Gundi’s Great Adventure never hit the best seller list, but it started a long love affair with the fantasy genre.

Today she enjoys an escape to Middle Earth during the rare ‘me’ moments her two young daughters allow. When not potty training or kissing boo-boos, she can be found on her back patio in the boondocks of New Hampshire, book or pencil in hand.

Here's a guest post from Terri :)

Top Ten Author Moments
For this list I’m going back to the very beginning and counting down to my current #1.
10  When I found out a new friend of mine wrote under her maiden name – Anne Tyler. The first moment came, when in fear and trembling I asked if she would take a look at something I’d written. Being the sweetheart she is, Ms. Tyler agreed, read it, edited it, and wrote letters of introduction – to Donald Maass even. That manuscript still sits on my hard drive awaiting a major rework now that I’ve learned & gained a ton of wisdom since those long-ago days.
9  When Anne Tyler signed her newest release, ‘To Terri – in the firm belief you will one day be signing a book for me.’
8  Getting my first flash fiction piece, An Infinite Snare, published in a little ezine.
7  Meeting my Pen Sisters on Scribophile. It’s because of these lovely ladies that my writing abilities have grown. Best of all? I’ve made worldwide friends for life.
6  Through those Pen Sisters I heard of an anthology call by J. Taylor Publishing based on a picture prompt which would become the book’s cover. The first short story I ever wrote was accepted for the Make Believe Anthology and released on Dec. 3, 2012.
5  Through those same lovies I heard that Still Moments Publishing (since closed) had anthology calls a few times a year. The second short story I attempted, Beginning of Forever, was accepted for their Christmas Magic Anthology which released on Dec. 4, 2012.
4  My editor at JTP heard I had a 2-book series titled Pool of Souls and asked to take a look at it.  o_O  MAJOR nail biter!
3  Sadly, Still Moments closed their doors, but one of my favorite ladies in the company went on to accept an editors position with The Wild Rose Press, taking along another of my short stories, Alone No More. I contracted it as a stand alone.
2  Contracting my Pool of Souls series with JTP, and the entire process I’ve been with them through this point. Incredibly professional and helpful, JTP has wonderful editors, a marketing director, and fellow authors. I HIGHLY recommend them!!
1 Dedicating my debut novel to Anne Tyler.

At the time of writing this tens list, I haven’t yet held a hard copy of Eye of the Soul in my hands. I’m sure that moment will top all those listed.
Now it's giveaway time!  Yippeeeeee!!!!

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Blog Tour: Janelle Stalder's EDEN-EAST

Whew!  I CANNOT tell you how relieved I am to have my internet finally set up!
Moving is a trial, let me just tell ya!

But luckily I am just in time for my day on the EDEN-EAST blog tour!!!!
YAY!  Woo hoooooo!  Wheeeeeee!!!  **cartwheels with mad grace**

So let's jump right in, shall we???  Let's start with getting to know this freakin amazing author!
I have absolutely loved everything I've read of her's!!!  **fan girl squeal**
(just look for the links to my reviews of her work sprinkled throughout this post)

Janelle Stalder was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. At an early age she developed a love for literature. Her debut novel, Eden, was the first book in a series of four, released in September of 2011. The second book, Eden-West, was released in July of 2012, and the third book, Eden-South was released in March of 2013. The fourth book of the Eden Series, Eden-East, will be release at the end of 2013. She is a strong supporter of other independent authors, and loves to interact with her readers. When she's not writing, Janelle is at home with her husband, two children, Aiden and Elora, and her two furry children, Alice and Lily. She now resides in the small town in Ontario in her old, possibly haunted, century home.

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Eden (Eden #1)

Trapped within the cruel world of hormones and bullies, fifteen-year-old Aiden is convinced life has more to offer him. His instincts are proven correct on the night he is awakened by a voice calling to him from outside his window. As he sleepily peers into his yard, his eyes slowly focus on a woman who says she is there to take him to Eden. Aiden is about to fulfill the life purpose he never knew he had.

It is in Eden, a land on the brink of war, where Aiden will finally learn to trust himself and those around him. Accompanied by Wolf, his sidekick Logan, and the beautiful archer, Elisa, Aiden is soon thrust into a battle to save Eden. Meanwhile Elisa, the only girl in the King's Army, is in the midst of her own struggles. Betrothed to a man she has no intention of marrying, Elisa is caught between the need to prove herself and her desire for true happiness. And now that she has met Aiden, she is more confused than ever.

In this action-packed fantasy tale, romance, adventure, and intrigue surround Aiden as he learns just what he is capable of when he discovers confidence and courage.

Eden-West (Eden #2)

New beginnings, new conflicts, and new adventures arise in the second installment of the Eden Series, Eden-West. 

Months after his initial journey to Eden, Aiden is learning to cope with his own transformation. His social status has changed, his friendship with his best friend Ethan is in jeopardy because of it, and worst of all, he has heard absolutely nothing from his new friends in Eden. What has become of the world he fell in love with? Are his friends safe? Is the war over? With no answers, and no hope for contact, Aiden decides to focus on his life in his world. Just as he makes this decision, he encounters a familiar bright light and thinks he knows exactly what it means. Except the light isn't at all what he expects and neither is the person behind it. When Aiden returns to Eden, it is to a whole new part of that special world, and a whole new set of adventures. 

Weeks after Aiden was returned to his own world, Elisa is sent to Nysa, the revered Southern city, to retrieve the one thing she'd rather avoid - Wolf. Captain Turk instructed her to get in and get out - but that is easier said than done. When she finds her missing friend, she also stumbles upon a great deal of trouble. This trouble goes by one name - Markus, the leader of the Sun People. 

Follow all your favorite characters as they ready themselves for battle and fight for a world threatened to be destroyed.

Eden-South (Eden #3)

The betrayal that tore a family apart. Two brothers bent on destroying the other. A whole world on the brink of war.

Aiden has been through his second battle in the magical world of Eden. The victory is short lived and Aiden is sent racing toward his friends in the Capital. After being back in Eden with the Riders, he is eager to reunite with Wolf, Elisa and Logan, although he doesn’t realize just what he’s returning to. Surprises await him when he arrives in the Capital; his close-knit group of friends is slowly falling apart. On top of it all, another battle is just around the corner, one that will change everything.

Rain has made her choice, and now she is in some unknown fortress with the feared sorcerer, Aziz. She wants nothing more but to please him, but being his Queen isn’t as easy as she thought. While trying to learn sorcery, and dealing with Aziz’s advances, Rain is finding her new life a bit overwhelming. Just when she thought it couldn’t get worse, she discovers a secret of Aziz’s, and it is nothing she could have expected. 

Rose has supported Callum throughout their journey, but now that the final battle is just around the corner she is faced with a hard reality. Everything she has gained with him could be taken away. Is she willing to live the rest of her life without him? Can she just stand by while he destroys everything, including himself? Will he ever be able to find peace? Will she? 

In the third installment of the Eden Series fates will be decided, and the battle between brothers that has been a decade in the making will finally come to an end. Only one of them can be High King.

The battle starts now.

Review to come :)

New life, new deaths, and truths revealed. Everything ends now. 

In the final installment of the Eden series, the King’s army prepares for their biggest battle yet. Aiden and his friends set out to find Aziz in his hidden mountain fortress and bring the war in Eden to an end. But secrets are being discovered along the way, and the weight of them could ruin lives. Aiden is coping with loss and the need for vengeance, as well as changes in himself he doesn’t quite understand. Thousands of lives are depending on him to stop Aziz once and for all, and this time Aiden is more than ready and confident he’ll be the one to do it. The stakes are higher than he ever anticipated on his journey east. 

Elisa is embarking on a new phase of her life. She has the man she loves beside her, their group of friends have become stronger, and the end of war is in sight. Now she just needs to see it through so she can finally have her happily ever after. But she knows the truth that the others don’t, and it will test her loyalty and friendship more than anything ever has. 

With two brothers side by side, and an army ready for war, the only thing left to be seen is who will live and who will die. 

Welcome to the thrilling conclusion of your journey into Eden.

Switch (New World #1)

All’s fair in love and war. 

Two thirds of the world's population has been wiped out, devastated by the worst war earth has ever seen. Still standing amongst the ruins is a mind reader who finds herself on the wrong side of the war. Everyone does what they must to survive. When the rebels bent on bringing down the New World leader start to rise up, it is her job to make sure they stay down where they belong. That is, until one rebel sneaks past her defences and into her heart. Love will blossom from the ashes, but will it be enough to save them, or will it mean the end of them both?

*This book is for mature audiences due to sexual situations, violence and strong language.

Upcoming Projects:

Masked (Book Two, New World Series) – Late 2013/Early 2014

Brush Strokes (Contemporary Romance) – Early 2014

Elysium (YA Fantasy Spin-off of the Eden Series) – 2014