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Review: Hide & Seek by Aimee Laine

Due Out March 5th!!!  Check it out on the publisher's page.

Lie, cheat or steal, no one can catch Tripp Fox. Except one woman. 

Lexi Shepherd’s knack for finding whatever is asked of her isn’t sheer luck. It’s a gift from the Greek god Zeus.

That Lexi doesn’t use her ability to search for “Mr. Right” comes from one of many personal rules she has set for herself. Number one is not to let fate dictate her future.

Falling in love with Tripp breaks all the others.

Despite her principles, Lexi’s unable to stay away from the bad boy, and she finds herself toeing the grey line of the law for him.

Zeus, though, didn’t give Lexi and Tripp their talents to make their relationship a simple, easy alliance. He designed it to be exactly the opposite. Impossible. Always.

With their separation, Lexi expects Tripp to forfeit love in favor of destiny. He, on the other hand, intends to beat Zeus at his own game. With a plan in place, Tripp challenges Lexi to take the one action no one else can.

Find him.

The question isn’t can she ... but will she?

Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Rating:   *  *  *  *
My Review:
The pure romance of this book has left me struggling for words.  That is not good for me as a book blogger, excellent for me as a reader, but speechless tends to make reviewing hard.

So excuse my ramblings and gushings...

Great premise!  The story of the fox and the hound conundrum  in Greek mythology was new to me.  I loved the story's set up.  I loved that their story was represented in stars.  I found this especially romantic as my husband and I (who do not have " a song") have a constellation that's special to us.  I love that when we meet Lexi, she seems very suave spy, tough girl and she isn't that at all.  Tripp isn't a guy I could respect much (just going along with an engagement out of convenience?!?) but he really grows into an amazing character.  The mystery of the story, the peripheral characters, the suspense/thriller elements are all really well done.  I especially loved the elderly couple and their role in then story.

As far as negatives, there were a few slow spots (not untypical for a romance) and Lexi's back and forth indecision gets a bit old.  I felt confused here and there, but overall things got explained.  Lexi's and Tripp's first sexual encounter wasn't very romantic (from my pov), but the crazy romantic ending to the book totally makes up for that.

This is a must, must, must read!!!

Cover Art:
Mysterious!!!  It's a good cover to get your curiosity up.  I always love when there's a bit of a clue about the story (is that a star on his neck?) and clear, crisp typeface is important.

I love a good book trailer!  Here's the one for Hide & Seek:

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Review: Soul Screamers Vol 1 by Rachel Vincent

Since there's the prequel and first two novels in this volume, 
I'll break the descriptions and my reviews down for each...

Genre:  YA Fantasy

My Soul to Lose
Goodreads Description:
It was supposed to be a fun day, shopping at the mall with her best friend. Then the panic attack started and Kaylee Cavanaugh finds herself screaming, unable to stop. Her secret fears are exposed and it's the worst day of her life.

Until she wakes up in the psychiatric unit.

She tries to convince everyone she's fine--despite the shadows she sees forming around another patient and the urge to scream which comes burbling up again and again. Everyone thinks she's crazy. Everyone except Lydia, that is. Another patient with some special abilities....

Rating:  * * * *
My Review:
This was a really well done short story. Even as a stand-alone story, without the rest of the series, this was so worth the read. This prequel is about Kaylee having an "episode" and ending up in a mental health ward. It's really intense, but has it's humorous moments. Kaylee meets a girl Lydia, whom I can't tell you much about without giving too much away. Lydia is my favorite in this story. This is definitely a great way to start the series!

My Soul to Take
Goodreads Description:
She doesn't see dead people, but…

She senses when someone near her is about to die. And when that happens, a force beyond her control compels her to scream bloody murder. Literally.

Kaylee just wants to enjoy having caught the attention of the hottest guy in school. But a normal date is hard to come by when Nash seems to know more about her need to scream than she does. And when classmates start dropping dead for no apparent reason, only Kaylee knows who'll be next…

Rating:  * * *
My Review:
This book offers a unique premise. I read a great deal of paranormal themed books and haven't run into ...hmmm, I can't say what, gives too much away... but it's something different and I always appreciate that. The characters are well-written and even the smaller characters are dynamic and developed. The plot is good; I love unpredictable twists and turns, along with a good mystery. My only complaint is I don't understand how the guilty party could make the deal he/she did. Sorry about being vague, I really strive to never spoil, but there seems to be a definite plot hole here. Nonetheless, this is worth the read. 

My Soul to Save
Goodreads Description:
When Kaylee Cavanaugh screams, someone dies.

So when teen pop star Eden croaks onstage and Kaylee doesn't wail, she knows something is dead wrong. She can't cry for someone who has no soul.

The last thing Kaylee needs right now is to be skipping school, breaking her dad's ironclad curfew and putting her too-hot-to-be-real boyfriend's loyalty to the test. But starry-eyed teens are trading their souls: a flickering lifetime of fame and fortune in exchange for eternity in the Netherworld—a consequence they can't possibly understand.

Kaylee can't let that happen, even if trying to save their souls means putting her own at risk….

Rating:  * * * *
My Review:
I'm going to start with some of my favorite quotes...

"She pivoted slowly to look at me, and I saw time in her eyes. Years of life and death, and existence without end."

"Evidently people come with expiration dates stamped on them at birth -- much like food in the grocery store."

"I'd helped Addy and Regan because I couldn't not help them. Because in most cases, I believe that people deserve a second chance. And because I couldn't have lived with myself if I'd stood by and let them both die soulless, when I could have helped."

The above quotes really highlight what I loved about this book. The writing is descriptive in a way that colors your imagination. It is also witty and fun, which helps balance the dark subject matter. I especially appreciated the ironic humor of squeaky clean teen tv/pop stars being the ones in Hollywood to have sold their souls. The final quote reflects the character of the heroine.

On the downside, while the main character is very likable (as is Tod), I feel pretty indifferent about the rest of the crew, including Nash. I know, **gasp** there's lots of love out there for Nash. He's a good guy, but I just don't feet the chemistry there nor see much depth to his character.

Overall, a great read. The story pulls you in and keeps you guessing how it will all turn out. 

Cover Art:
I love the covers for this series!!!  Kaylee seems to dance across the covers with hints of beautiful dresses that fade into same colored smoke.  This is graphic design at it's finest!!!

I've Been Tagged to Play 11 Questions!

So you may have noticed the fun little game of it tag that has been skipping through the blogging community.  I was just tagged by J. A. Belfield, who is one of my fav authors.  See my reviews: InstinctDarkness& Light, and Fated Encounter and her guest post.  And... crazy enough I also got tagged by my very cool blogger friend, Bailey at Novel Nerd.  She always does great reviews, you should stop by and check her blog out.

So, the idea here is to answer the sender's 11 questions, then come up with your own 11 questions and pass them along to 11 bloggers. They in turn answer your questions and link back to your site when done. Fun, I know, right?  As I have a total of 22 questions and that's probably more info than you want on me (yup, that is a picture of me and Ty, a red tail boa we rehabilitated), I've chosen a couple questions from each these ladies blogs.

So here's the questions and my answers (in purple):

1. So … you have an evening of glitz and glamour ahead. But being the super secret spy you are, you already foresee the night ending in a run for your life (or to protect your anonymity). Which means the all important decision of footwear becomes a little complicated. Do you go for your favourite pair of freakishly awesome Jimmy Choos and hope you don’t end up on a cobblestone street? Or do you say to heck with it, and wear a skirt long enough to cover your battered Nikes?

Hmmmm...  A kick-ass pair of black knee-high boots with wedge heels would be my best choice.  The boots not only would give me an edgy, punk look but would be fairly comfortable in which to run or fight.

2. If you could choose ANY book (no matter how impossible the graphics required might seem) to be made into a film (movie for the U.S.ers), what book would you choose?

Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series would be really cool.  I'd also love to see Eargon redone as they did such a poor job of it the first go round.

3. Who’s your No 1 (ONLY1!) book boyfriend? The. Ultimate. Fictional Male. Of your dreams!?

Mr. Darcy.  As much as I love the bad boy, ultimately you want to man who would move the world to make you happy, the one who seeks your best interest selflessly, the one who loves you despite your shortcomings.

4. And still with the book boyfriend, He’s agreed to a date.  What’s the date? Where, what, why, how?

I'm a simple girl.  My first date with my husband involved McDonald's and $1 beer night.  But if I were to imagine the best fantasy date (which would be with my dear husband, who is every bit as incredible as Mr. Darcy), I'd love to spend the day with my man doing something adventurous, like zip-lining or rock climbing and then camping under the stars.

5. Okay, an easier one for you as I’ve been pretty hard: what is your EARLIEST childhood memory? Is it even from this lifetime? ;)

My Grandpa May died when I was four, but I vaguely remember sitting on his lap sometime before that and the feeling of being so very loved.  There's not a whole lot to the memory, I can't even remember what he looked like, but it is a really special memory to me.

6.   If you could be best friends with any character from a book who would you chose?

Wanderer from The Host by Stephenie Meyer.  My closest friends have always been so different than myself.  I've always loved those differences because we can learn more from each other.  Wanderer has experienced so many things I could never imagine and I would enjoy getting to know her.  Bella from the Twilight series would be a close second for the opposite reason.  I feel that she is most like me than any other literary character: loyal, constant and clumsy.  

7. Who is your favorite protagonist when it comes to book series?

Rose from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.  She works so hard to protect those she loves; though extremely flawed, I love her tenacity and loyalty.

8. If you could live inside one book what book would it be and why?

What fun it would be to know Grimlikin from Iron Fey or any number of yummy weres from Patricia Brigg's  Mercy Thompson series.  I'd like to wander in Alice's Wonderland for a bit or fly on a dragon from Eragon.  Ultimately, my husband and children are not in any of these books and so, alas, I could not reside in any of them forever.

9.  Twilight Saga or Vampire Academy?  Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Both!!!   Twilight and VA are two of the very best YA fantasy series out there!!!!  I've always been Team Edward, even though I tend to favor weres over vamps. 

10. Who is your favorite author and why?

Do I have to pick just one?!?  I have so many favorites.  From the big publishers, I love Richelle Mead, Patricia Briggs and Stephenie Meyer.  My Indie favorites include J. A. Belfield, Cambria Hebert, Quinn Loftis and (my newest fav) Amiee Laine.

11. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you be living?

I really do love Lexington, KY where I currently live, but my preference for warm weather and beaches makes me wail for a move every winter (this winter excluded as its been crazy nice).  If I had to chose a specific warm beach, I think I'd like to move to Nim's Island.

So now it's my turn.  Here are my (very random) questions.  Please leave a link to your answers!!!
  1. Outside of reading/writing, what do you do for fun?
  2. If you were a paranormal being, what type would you be and why?
  3. What was the best trip you've ever taken?
  4. If you had a free afternoon to yourself, what would you do with it?
  5. What's the most outlandish thing you've ever done?
  6. In which book's world would you want to live?
  7. If you held a world's record, which record would it be?
  8. Snakes.  Creepy or cool?
  9. If there was a TV show about you, what would it be called?  What would be the theme song?
  10. What is your favorite movie adaptation from a book?  Least favorite?
  11. What your top 5 favorite websites?

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Cover Reveal: Surrender by Aimee Laine

Cover reveal time!  Yay!!!  This one is quite intriguing, huh?  It's the sequel to Little White Lies, which (last I checked) is still on sale as a $ .99 kindle book on Amazon (click here to get your copy).  I will be reading and reviewing Little White Lies sometime soon.  In the meantime, bask in the mystery of Surrender's cover...

Surrender (Mimics of Rune #2)

Release Date: September 3, 2012
Target Reader: Adult

Back of the Book:
Face the past or look to the future? Both will hurt. One could kill her.

All her life, Lily Crane has supressed her childhood memories, masking the signs of abuse with a variety of looks. From brunette to blonde, tall to short — as a Mimic, changing shape is her gift. Her right. Her achilles heel.

It’s Lily’s latest likeness, chosen simply by accident, which threatens to repeat a history she’s desperate to forget. Worse, she must do so without the one man who takes all her pain away: Cael Aldridge.

Cael has no intention of leaving Lily on her own. He never has. Now, with the woman he loves in the hands of a predator who wants Lily for her genetics, Cael will do everything he can to bring her home.


He can only pray he isn’t too late.

***Keep an eye on this book at J Taylor Publishing.***

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Review: Emma by Jane Austen, book and movie

by Jane Austen

Goodreads Description:
'I never have been in love; it is not my way, or my nature; and I do not think I ever shall'

Beautiful, clever, rich - and single - Emma Woodhouse is perfectly content with her life and sees no need for either love or marriage. Nothing, however, delights her more than interfering in the romantic lives of others. But when she ignores the warnings of her good friend Mr. Knightley and attempts to arrange a suitable match for her protégée Harriet Smith, her carefully laid plans soon unravel and have consequences that she never expected. With its imperfect but charming heroine and its witty and subtle exploration of relationships, Emma is often seen as Jane Austen's most flawless work.

Genre:  Classic, Romantic Comedy

Rating:  *  *  *  *

My Review:
Emma was a tough character to like at first, really for the most of the book, but her growth is what makes this book beautiful.  Austen does an amazing job developing her characters; however in giving us a complete understanding of the quirks of the worrisome Mr. Woodhouse and the ever-so-talkative Miss Bates, the book gets down right annoying at points.  Mr. Knightly's character is consistent throughout the book, but never boring.  Overall, I loved this story: lots of fun twists and memorable characters, as well as that Austen trademark of true romance.

I listened to Emma on my phone via an app.  It was a LibraVox recording (they do public domain recordings) and the woman who read did a ridiculously good job acting out the voices of each character.

The Movie:
I have been wanting to see the 1996 Gwynth Paltrow version of Emma for sometime.  As I do try to read a book first, I haven't seen it until now.  What a great movie!!!  It does stick to the spirit of the book though Emma is more immediately likable and Harriet more silly.  Also we are more privy to things to which Emma is oblivious (the movie is able to hint at the thoughts of both Mr. Elton and Mr. Knightly).  Both of these changes work for a screen version.

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Quote it Saturday

I've got two quotes for you today to make up for missing last weeks post....

The first one's from Aimee Laine's Hide & Seek which I just finished last night.  I'll be posting my review later this week, but I'll give you a hint (it's FAN-TAS-TIC!!!!).  The quote itself is wise relationship advice that I just had to share.... 

"We aren't here to live our lives based on what people might do.  I've told you about the struggles your dad and I went through.  He's not like his father, but in some moments, he is.  I live with knowing I can influence  him but not change him.  I chose him because I loved him, and he's the right man for me."

This next one is from Mother Teresa...

"We can do no great things; only small things with great love."

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Giveaway & Author Interview: The World Among Us by Beth Ann Masarik

I'm so pleased to be a part of Beth Ann Masarik's blog tour for her book The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness!!! It's especially fun because Beth Ann has been kind enough to offer a giveaway to one lucky guy or gal of an e-book copy of The World Among Us!!!  You can read my reviews of this and two of Beth Ann's short stories by clicking here. 

So without further ado, let's meet Beth Ann...

I love the concept of Greek mythology in an urban fantasy. Have you always been interested in mythology? Did you have to do a lot of research on mythology for your book? 

I’ve always loved fantasy…like witches, vampires etc. It wasn’t until my college years that I developed a love for Greek Mythology. There is just something about the Greek gods that draws me in. I guess it has to do with their elaborate histories, etc.

Who is your favorite character and what makes them special to you? 

That is honestly a tough decision. It’s a toss-up between Selene & Damien, because they are my main characters. What makes them so special to me is that they actual visit my dreams (sounds weird, I know), and they come to life as soon as I write their parts.

What is your favorite moment in your book (if you can say without spoiling it for future readers)? 

Ah, that is difficult to answer, for fear of a plot spoiler. But it’s one of the most emotional parts in the book (you’ll have to read it to find out what it is).

Have you always wanted to be an author?

I’ve always loved writing.  Actually, I wanted to be a journalist long before I wanted to be an author. However, after writing my first book ever with my best friend back in high school (I still have it by the way and no, it wasn’t The World Among Us), I realized that writing stories was my calling.
Where's your favorite place to write? Are you a panster (no outline) or a plotter?

I love writing in my room and in my bed. It honestly depends on the story. I need to have a couple of major events at least to help keep me on track, but I usually just let the story write itself.  However, sometimes I do sit down and outline.
What's the one moment that made you feel like an author?

I would have to say it was when I held my book in print form for the very first time.
What authors inspire you?

J.K. Rowling is a big influence, as was Richelle Mead, the author of the Vampire Academy series.
What was the publication process like for you?

It was a lot of hard work. I had some good times and some not so good times. It took me a while to find a publisher, but when I found Otherworld, I was stoked.  We’ve all had our ups and downs, but we’ve had more ups thankfully. Lynn and Heidi are wonderful and are people I am thankful to have met. When I first signed with Lynn (my publisher), I didn’t have an agent. I still technically don’t, but I have Heidi, who is a wonderful publicist (she helped me organize this huge and wonderful tour... thank you Heidi ).
What advice would you like to share with other would-be authors?

In terms of advice, if you want to write…just write. Don’t sit there and say, “Oh, I wish I could write a book.” Honestly, it bugs the heck out of me when I hear someone say that. That’s because if you have a basic comprehension of the English language (or whatever language you happen to speak), you can write. It takes time and practice, and a heck of a lot of patience to write your first book (it took me almost 3 years from start to finish), but if you REALLY WANT IT, GO FOR IT! Don’t let anything stop you.

Thank you for having me today, Danielle.

Today, I am offering up an ebook version of The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness. To enter this contest, please fill out the rafflecopter below (if you don't see it, click on the title of this blog & scroll down).

For more information about me and the tour, please visit my website at www.bethannmasarik.com. Thank you all for visiting today!

Please join me tomorrow on JA Clement’s blog http://jaclement.wordpress.com/ for another fun post!

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Reviews: The World Among Us, Murderous Regrets & Moon Spirit by Beth Ann Masarik

Here are the reviews for a full length novel and two short stories by Beth Ann Masarik who will be here on tour with us tomorrow!

The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness

Goodreads Description:
In The World Among Us, Hades, the god of the Underworld, plots to take over the world, and remove Gaia, the head Deity, from power. In order to do so, he plots against his own son, Damien, and cons him into killing his soul mate, the beautiful goddess of the moon, Selene.

Hades does so, because Gaia is his natural enemy, and Selene is her favorite grandchild. He thinks that by killing off Gaia’s favorite grandchild, he will weaken her. With Selene out of the way, Hades then moves in on the Creatures of the Night. He wants to kill off their leader, Jason Aysel.

Jason is the go-between person between worlds, and another person that Gaia highly regards. Hades manipulates and cons Jason’s best friend, Leon Greene, into murdering him, by offering him Jason’s position as his reward. Because of these actions, a war is to take place on earth between the gods and other Creatures of the Night.

During this time, Selene is reincarnated, and kept hidden as a secret weapon to win the war against Hades. In order to win the war of wars, the gods and some of the demons will have to fight together, and learn to co-operate with each other.

Will the Titans and Olympians be able to set aside their differences, and take back the world from Hades? Or is the world as we know it, doomed to fall under Dark Shadows, forever?

Genre: Urban Fantasy/PNR

Rating:  *   *

My Review:

I really wanted to like this book. The premise for this book is fabulous, but the execution is quite flawed. I love the idea of an urban fantasy combined with Greek mythology. The story of the son of Hades being soul mates with Selene, Greek goddess of the moon, is something I want to read.

Unfortunately this book just did not work for me. A story editor is needed to help the author flesh out her characters, develop believable dialog and fix plot holes. This could be a great book.

Characters: An amazing cast of Greek gods and goddesses; I liked both Selene and Damien though they were both underdeveloped and I didn't form much an attachment to them. The best characters were Gaia and Emily. Emily is an especially underused character. Rewriting the story from her perspective could possibly transform this novel.

Verbiage: Conversations between characters seemed unnatural and often their words and actions would jump drastically, in a way that went beyond mere moodiness. Selene's husband is murdered and she has an agitated conversation with Damien, but giggles during part of it. The author also used trite phrases and blocks of description in her story-telling.

Plot: The plot holes are what really hurt this book. I had so many questions. Why is Damien a vampire? It did not seem as if all the demons are vampires and if they are, it would have helped to have that explained. If Hades could send Damien to purgatory as he threatened, why didn't he do that when Damien left? If Gaia is "hiding" Selene on earth, how is it no one acts like it's a secret? Why does Hades use Leon when he really isn't needed? If Damien can teleport, why does he drive to the accident site? And so on.

This book has so much potential. The very end was most interesting to me and I wanted to know what happened next. Sadly, I don't know that I am curious enough to read the next book in this series.

Murderous Regrets

Goodreads Description:
Murderous Regrets is a short story inspired by The World Among Us by Beth Ann Masarik. In The World Among Us, Hades, the god of the Underworld, plots to take over the world, and remove Gaia, the head Deity, from power. In order to do so, he plots against his own son, Damien, and cons him into killing his soul mate, the beautiful goddess of the moon, Selene.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating:   *

My Review:

This very short story is something to be read after reading the main book. It is an interview with Leon a werewolf who is tricked into killing his best friend, Jason, a wizard and leader of the magical community on Earth.

I have a lot of questions about the plot. The magically community is supposed to be secret. Why does this reporter know of it all? Elise goes to hug Leon when he enters her office, but calls him Mr. Greene later on. Doesn't anyone in the newspaper office think it odd that Leon's guards are dressed so strangely? The guards don't think the Elsie will tell anyone of their world; for what other purpose could they think she's interviewing him?

Moon Spirit

Goodreads Description:

Raul Blackoak's world is tossed upside down one evening when he stumbles upon a damsel in distress. What he wasn't expecting was that his life would be changed forever by her. Because he risks his own life to save her, he is caught between two worlds; the world to which he belongs, and the human world. Will he be able to balance being in both worlds? Or will he have to give up one to be happily ever after in the other?

Genre: Urban Fantasy/PNR

Rating:  * *

My Review:

This is a better developed short story than Murderous Regrets and again should be read after the main book. The writing is better here than in The World Among Us, though still struggles with plot issues.

Raoul is part of a werewolf pack tasked with protecting humanity. Though I understand the need for him to be defeated by Lucan to bring in Damien, a good werewolf verses vampire brawl would've been a great start and would bring some needed toughness to Raoul as our hero. I liked Kylie and thought she showed some fortitude (though again I felt she was underdeveloped as a character and some of her dialog/actions seemed at odds with itself). This romance could be a great novella if properly developed, but, as is, falls short for me.

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Yet Another Challenge!

Yes, I know .... I am challenge C R A Z Y.  But I couldn't help myself.  Really.  Alright, so here's the scoop ... and I bet you'll want to join in too once you read this:

Each month beginning March 1st, 2012, challenge members will read or re-read the title for that month. In addition, challenge members will either post a review, their reading experience, character castings or anything else related to that title. You have freedom to have fun with your monthly post so be creative! Seeing as this series is 13 novels long, this challenge will last 13 months.   You don't have to be a blogger as long as you can post your reviews on Goodreads instead.

Then, on the 1st of each month, beginning March 1st, 2012, there will be a post on Moonlight Gleam, indicating the title challenge and giveaway prize for that month. This is where you will be able to link up your reviews/reading experience. Challenge members who successfully complete each monthly challenge will automatically be entered to win that monthly giveaway!

At the very end of the challenge there will be a MEGA Prize Giveaway. Each time you enter a link throughout the challenge, this will automatically give you an additional entry. Only those who participate in the challenge and have linked to their posts will qualify to enter this giveaway.

So go ahead and sign up now;  I know you want to.

Books to Trade!

Let's Trade!

So I thought I'd try to trade out some of my books for some new titles with you all.  I'm going to limit this to trading with others in the US as I fear international shipping rates.  Please feel free to leave comments with questions on book condition (they range from brand new to pretty beat up) and to suggest trades.  You can also get an idea of what I might want from my Goodreads profile.  I'd love anything on my to-be-read shelf that isn't marked "my e-book" or "books I own" (for obvious reasons) and I'm always open to suggestions if you have a book you think I'd like.

Hope we can trade some great reads!

Reading Challenge Update

January Reading Challenge Totals

***dances around madly***

It's been a prolific reading month for me and I am happy, happy, happy to report my Reading Challenge results for January!  Some of the titles you may notice I do not have reviews listed, those are forthcoming (I know you love the mystery of it all... tee hee hee).

So without further ado...
    • Goodreads(GR):              10/100      (10%)
    • Young Adult(YA):             3/40         (7.5%)
    • E-Book(EB):                    6/50         (12%)
    • TBR Pile(TBR):                 2/11         (18%)
    • Classic(C):                       1/7           (14%)  Yup, this is new ... see below

These are the books...

I am indeed adding another challenge 
to my cornucopia of challenges (I love alliterations!)...

The Classics Reading Challenge 2012

hosted by Jessica @

Here's the details:
1. This challenge starts January 1st 2012 and ends December 31st 2012.
2. All books read for this challenge can be counted toward all other reading challenges.
3. All books chosen for this challenge must be books you have NEVER read or NEVER finished that were written prior to 1980.
4. Choose a level or number of books you would like to read.
5. Create a sign up post for your blog including the Classics Reading Challenge picture above and the books you would like to read (you can change your mind at any time).
6. Sign up for the challenge with the link to that post in the linky list on Jessica's blog.

****I  am choosing Level 3 (7-9 books) for this challenge****

Here's my list:
  1. Dracula
  2. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  3. Peter Pan
  4. Sense and Sensibility
  5. Mansfield Park
  6. A Wrinkle in Time
  7. Emma

Quote It Saturday

I'm pleased to announce my very first meme!  Quote It Saturday is hosted by Fred'a Voice and is a meme where I can share with you a random quote.  The quote can come from anywhere including song lyrics.  I just need to be sure to let you know from where it came.

So here is my quote.  It is from an email I received from Grant Faulkner sent to everyone on the NaNoWriMo email list entitled "The Future, Guilt Monkeys & You."  In this quote he is comparing himself with Chris Baty, his predecessor as Executive Drictor of the Office of Light and Letters...

"We both have a passionate and joyfully reckless belief that a simple act of creativity can better the world in wildly unexpected ways.

I took on this job mainly because of that last similarity. The one thing I know from being a writer, a teacher, a journalist, an editor, a book store clerk, a waiter, and a parent is that all of us are makers, and we must be bold and zealous and vigilant and giving as creators."